Tuesday, January 15, 2008

RAI Results

I met with the endocrinologist today. He is phenomenal! If you ever need an endo - see Dr. Grua in SLC.

Anyway - he says I made his day because I'm doing so well. That comment made MY day! In short - he prescribed me a combination of thyroid medications, took some blood and sent me on my way! I'll see him again in March to make sure the dosage is correct and to have more labs. He says he will probably want to ultrasound my neck. It will also give him an indication about whether or not I absolutely need the radioactive iodine (RAI) - because my cancer was small and I'm a borderline case

So, it was great news! I'm so happy to move forward and stop playing the waiting game. Waiting for lab results. Waiting to feel better. Waiting for appts, etc. It's time to move on and put this thyroid cancer incident behind me. I will ALWAYS have my checkups and watch for anything strange - and I may have the RAI later this year - but for now - I'm moving on!

Thanks to all of you who have asked how I'm doing!!


MCF said...

Wahoo! Good news. And you didn't even have to bribe him.. Or did you? :)

Redhoodoos said...

Wellllll....Let's just say I'm glad he saw things the way I see 'em. =)

Bean said...

That's the best news i've heard in years. And that is saying something because I am an avid news watcher and I frequently engage in casual gossip. Seriously, i'm glad your meeting with Dr. Grua (can't be his real name) went well. Are you feeling more energetic?

Redhoodoos said...

I start the new meds tomorrow. It will take a couple of weeks before it's really working. Hopefully by then I'll feel energetic. And when that happens - look out. You'll really have some things to gossip about! =)

Bean said...

I have no idea what that could mean.